The Reflexology Association of Canada defines reflexology as a natural non invasive healing therapy based on the principal that there are reflex points in the feet, hands and ears that correspond to every part, gland and organ of the body.

How does reflexology work?
When one has had a lot of stress, illness or injury the body is out of balance and the vital energy flow of the body becomes blocked.  Reflexology stimulates the reflexes in the feet which sends messages along the nerve pathways to the various organs in the body to help break down the blockages and restore the free flow of energy to the body. Tension is released, circulation and elimination improve. Reflexology can help to restore the body’s natural balance and encourage the body to heal itself. The whole body is treated rather than a specific condition. Reflexology does not diagnose or prescribe. It is a great therapy to use as preventative health care and it is complimentary to other health care therapies.   Reflexology can also be done on the hands and ears. 

Who can receive a treatment? 
Reflexology is safe for everyone from babies to the elderly and the very ill.  If you are in need of; stress relief, relaxation, a detox or want to assist an unhealthy body then reflexology is for you.

Conditions that may benefit from Reflexology:

Back Pain
Blood pressure
Plantar fasciitis
Thyroid disorders

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